The Essentials

Best Multi-screen Experience

The Best Multi-screen TV experience Watch your favourite programmes when and where you want

Simple, intuitive and fast navigation, facilitating content discovery

Replay, with constant recording across your favourite channels

Companion Screen, which allows viewers to share details of what they're watching through social media

Access to a fantastic range of TV channels, recorded and OTT channels

Watching TV anywhere, in and out of the home, on a variety devices

Personalised service and recommendations on their own devices

Mobile TV and companion, continuous and consistent experience

Fantastic range of Content

Fantastic range of content With Netgem #TelcoTV, you could have access to over 5 million households around the world

Provide new revenue streams for content providers

Maximise market impact of Content through the Content Marketing (Direct Marketing, newsletters, Point of Sale)

Track Content consumption patterns across customer’s viewers base

Increase content partner’s incremental revenue through local dynamic Ad insertions

Offer ‘Catch-up as a Service’- a one-stop shop to transform Broadcasters content into On-Demand assets

Offer Cloud-based solution to VOD, OTT and Broadcasters to gain international reach

Free and premium, linear and VOD, timeshifted and OTT

TV Operational Excellence

TV Operational excellence Increase revenue, retain customers, and keep costs down

Rapid Time to Market

Complete turnkey solution for production of VOD & Replay content


Simple integration of the OTT Apps in HTML5 format

Low ongoing Total Cost of Ownership

Complete STB management (On and offline) with 'progressive shutdown' capabilities

‘TV as a Service,’ rapid time to market and flexible business model

find out how much incremental revenue you can get with #TelcoTV

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EE TV- UK: A quick look at EE TV’s intuitive User Interface and features

Netplus- Switzerland: Funny TV advertisement for Net+ TV

PEO TV- Sri Lanka: TV advertisement to highlight the magic of PEO TV

Eir- Ireland: The 2015 Christmas advertisement for Eir TV with classic Irish music

Post- Luxembourg: TV advertisement to show the simple to use but rich Post TV offering

Videofutur- France: Short video showing La Box’s great User interface and amazing content selection

Our Customers

Over 20 of the best service operators worldwide have deployed Netgem products

Our latest case Studies

EE (UK) Launches Next Generation Multi-Screen

Totalplay (Mexico) Delivering lower Total Cost of Ownership

Post (LUX) Moves to a Full Cloud-TV

netplus (CH) brings 4K innovation in record time

Videofutur (FR) with unbeatable Time-to-Market

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Start-Up Mindset, Telco Grade Experience


Creation by Joseph Haddad
IPO : NYSE Euronext



Official IPTV leader
International expansion



Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider
Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.



Merger with videofutur
Opening of the
London office



Creation by Joseph Haddad


IPO : NYSE Euronext


Becoming IPTV leader


International expansion


Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider


Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.


Merger with videofutur


Opening the London office

Joseph Haddad

Chairman and CEO

Christophe Aulnette

President Netgem International

Charles-Henri Dutray

CFO and Deputy General Manager


Deputy CEO

Sylvain Thevenot

Managing Director Netgem TV PVX

Jean-François Galtier

Deputy General Manager

Romain Waller

Managing Director NetBox

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