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The Best Multi-screen TV experience Watch your favourite programmes when and where you want

Simple, intuitive and fast navigation, facilitating content discovery

Replay, with constant recording across your favourite channels

Companion Screen, which allows viewers to share details of what they're watching through social media

Access to a fantastic range of TV channels, recorded and OTT channels

Watching TV anywhere, in and out of the home, on a variety devices

Personalised service and recommendations on their own devices

Mobile TV and companion, continuous and consistent experience

Fantastic range of Content

Fantastic range of content With Netgem #TelcoTV, you could have access to over 5 million households around the world

Provide new revenue streams for content providers

Maximise market impact of Content through the Content Marketing (Direct Marketing, newsletters, Point of Sale)

Track Content consumption patterns across customer’s viewers base

Increase content partner’s incremental revenue through local dynamic Ad insertions

Offer ‘Catch-up as a Service’- a one-stop shop to transform Broadcasters content into On-Demand assets

Offer Cloud-based solution to VOD, OTT and Broadcasters to gain international reach

Free and premium, linear and VOD, timeshifted and OTT

TV Operational Excellence

TV Operational excellence Increase revenue, retain customers, and keep costs down

Rapid Time to Market

Complete turnkey solution for production of VOD & Replay content


Simple integration of the OTT Apps in HTML5 format

Low ongoing Total Cost of Ownership

Complete STB management (On and offline) with 'progressive shutdown' capabilities

‘TV as a Service,’ rapid time to market and flexible business model

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Totalplay (Mexico): Delivering lower Total Cost of Ownership with the best TV management tools

CHALLENGE: The leading Mexican Internet and TV provider needed to develop and deploy a Total TV solution in a country with sophisticated customers but with ARPU constrains. Totalplay needed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership across Network and Customer Service in particular, as their customer base had grown 25% year-on-year and they needed to support the growth in volume and traffic.

SOLUTION: Netgem deployed a sophisticated Management Information Tool, part of the #TelcoTV platform, with minimal product and operational costs, and ongoing enhancements delivering the best ‘TV Management tools’.

CUSTOMER PROPOSITION: A comprehensive TV service offering that accommodates customers’ financial constraints - yet with complex behaviours across Linear, Timeshifted, VOD and OTT, including Netflix and Disney.

OPERATOR BENEFITS: The full deployment was quick to market and very cost efficient. Thanks to Netgem’s ‘TV Management tools’, the advanced Remote Diagnostics allows Customer Service agents to detect and resolve users’ technical issues from the call centre without the need for a costly engineer visit. Totalplay enjoys reduced Average Handling Time (Communicate in real-time with customer remotely) and reduced Cost-to-Serve customers. They also now have visibility of users’ locations through a sophisticated Management Information tool that allows them to optimise the load on the Fibre network with real-time allocation of bandwidth in high demand areas.

‘Totalplay have a comprehensive TV service accommodating customers with complex behaviors yet low budgets’, adds Joseph Haddad, CEO of Netgem. “Linear, Timeshifted, VOD and OTT, amongst other features which have been deployed for Totalplay, thanks to our complete #TelcoTV platform, and now we are pleased to provide the most advanced Management tools providing significant savings in terms of support costs for their fast growing customer base.’

netplus (CH): Innovation leader in Triple Play Fibre propositions, now launching 4K

CHALLENGE: In the fiercely competitive Swiss market dominated by Swisscom and Cablecom, had to sustain a high level of innovation in order to successfully grow and penetrate households in Switzerland. Within a short timeframe, Netgem deployed on 11 networks controlled by a new generation TV solution bringing new and premium video services (VOD, SVOD, Series, EST, nPVR and Catchup) to users in parallel to a traditional cableTV line-up. But to in order to maintain its innovation leadership, with the support of Netgem, needed to introduce 4K services.

SOLUTION: Considering its relatively small size, has not only become a market player, but is now leading innovations such as the recently launched S-VOD series, catch-up on linear TV, and EST. Such leadership in innovation pace is even better demonstrated with launching 4K on the #TelcoTV platform.

The Netgem #TelcoTV approach allows upgrading the TV line-up with interactive content rapidly, by enriching the traditional cable channels with non-linear content: catch-up, nPVR and VOD. #TelcoTV has delivered the fantastic TV product, as a credible alternative to propositions from the large incumbent players (Swisscom and UPC) - resulting in a solid customer base growth for

CUSTOMER PROPOSITION: Advanced TV solution with fast speed and superior content (VOD and catch-up) delivered through’s fibre network, offering over 120 French and foreign channels in digital quality and up to 250 channels, as well as over 5,000 latest and vintage movies, with both VOD and EST (buy-to-keep options). Channel offering includes Eurosport, Cartoon Network, Paramount, MTV and Canal+. On top of that Netgem assisted in the marketing support for VOD editorialisation (as part of the VOD fully managed service). And with 4K, the extensive range of content can be even more enjoyable.

OPERATOR BENEFITS: Thanks to Netgem solution, had been in position to launch the advanced service as planned (on time and on budget). The #TelcoTV solution is flexible enough to ensure launch of the 4K content proposition.

“Bringing 4K to our customers is part of our ongoing innovation process, “ said Christian Voide, CEO at “We face very demanding customers, always asking for the latest video features. With Netgem’s help, we are able to deliver the services they want in the blink of an eye. It is the case with our new Content proposition in 4K.” ABOUT Active for more than 10 years in French-speaking Switzerland, guarantees the most qualitative and innovative multimedia services to more than 150000 customers on its 11 shareholders networks in the cantons of Vaud Fribourg and Valais.

Videofutur (FR): ‘Fibre with TV as a Service’ - unbeatable Time-to-Market

CHALLENGE: In regions where Fibre is provided by small regional ISPs, providing a sophisticated TV service is always a must to bundle in a Triple-Play proposition with Fibre, but can be a very complex undertaking. Most of these small Fibre ISPs only provide Double-Play today and need a cost effective TV solution yet delivering with rapid TTM.

SOLUTION: Netgem Videofutur has built a full ‘Fibre and TV as a Service’ solution, as demonstrated by the ‘Videofutur’ service running in France, that allows immediate access to the world of sophisticated TV (multicast bouquet, premium unicast channels, TVOD-SVOD-EST, Replay services, Content Apps, Multi-screen experience) without the long project timelines and high Capex costs associated with similar deployments in large Telcos.

CUSTOMER PROPOSITION: A comprehensive TV service offering Linear, Timeshifted, VOD and OTT - including Replay/Catch-up services, that is delivered ‘as a service’ with full turnkey solution (hardware/software/content) as well as ongoing support, operation and management.

OPERATOR BENEFITS: With a full ‘TV as a Service’ solution delivered by Netgem/Videofutur, Telcos benefit from an unbeatable Time-to-Market (typically under 3 months from start to launch), with a very flexible and cost-effective model (no minimum commitments and ‘pay-as-you-grow’ business model). There are now 75,000 subscribers using the Videofutur solution, enjoying over 10,000 films and TV series. There are also 25,000 fans on Facebook.

EE TV (UK): Next Generation Multi-screen, as an innovation leader in the TV market

CHALLENGE: 9 months after the launch of EE TV with its then revolutionary set of TV features, competitors have made recent announcements to replicate EE TV multi-screen, so EE needs to take its leading TV product to the next level to stay ahead with the most advanced Multi-screen experience including Personalisation.

SOLUTION: EE has deployed a truly personalised experience across the TV and multiple devices with its Companion APP. With the most advanced features in the market, the Companion App maximises TV viewer’s content discovery and viewing, available exclusively through EE - the next generation of Multi-screen.

CUSTOMER PROPOSITION: The ‘My TV’ is divided into 3 sections. The first two sections allow each user to select their favourite TV shows or channels, and quickly identify exactly what content is available for them to enjoy there and then. In addition to live programming, the feature will also give instant access to any recordings of the user’s favourites, collating all relevant programmes in one convenient place. And With My Photos & Videos, customers can view and share all content stored on their device via the EE TV app to their Social Media accounts. Users will also be able to pull content from the big screen onto their personal device, called Fetch.

OPERATOR BENEFITS: This innovative next generation service creates further opportunities for EE Sales agents to demonstrate the true benefits of being an EE customer with the holistic quad-play experience across all of their entertainment and communications needs: EE’s aim to accelerate its fast-growing Broadband Net Adds that already reached +200K / year (thanks to EE TV, Broadband Net Adds doubled year-on-year). EE will also enjoy higher loyalty and retention levels. With the new customer benefits, such as improved NPS and low level of service calls, the solution testifies the Quality and attractiveness of the EE TV multi-screen proposition.

Post (LUX): Post now moves to a full Cloud-TV service with a large range of German and French channels - now ready to enable distribution of linear and catch-up IPTV for other Telcos in German and French speaking countries

CHALLENGE: Offer a wider range of International channels in Luxembourg, covering German and French content, in a cost effective way yet delivering all features expected by consumers in terms of Catch-up and Over the TOP content, PVR timeshift, and multi-recordings - across multiple devices, whilst leveraging the large investments made in high speed Fibre networks installed in Luxembourg to offer both an innovative B2C service and a B2B opportunity.

SOLUTION: Netgem and Post have built together a Cloud TV platform that delivers a Telco grade E2E Multi-screen TV service for Post subscribers as well being a hosted platform for other Telcos in French and German speaking markets in particular. For its subscribers in Luxembourg, Post will now move to a full Cloud-TV service, offering more content and more flexibility with all PVR timeshifting functionality (Network PVR) and Catch-up services - across TV and smartphones/tablets. This scalable #TelcoTV infrastructure also enables this Content to be available rapidly as a turnkey solution with hundreds of channels for Telcos around the world - particularly in German and French speaking countries.

CUSTOMER PROPOSITION: Users can now enjoy an unlimited amount of recording and access to hundreds of channels at home on TV or on the move on smartphones/tablets. They also benefit from up to 7 days of Replay across 100+ channels, as well as multi-screen access to their recordings in and out of the home. Channels include TF1HD, CNBC, Eurosport and RTL. Other Telcos can simply have access to hundreds of channels immediately as part of the Post Could-TV platform operated by Netgem with full Network PVR capabilities - particularly in French and German speaking countries.

OPERATOR BENEFITS: The incumbent operator Post benefited from a rapid deployment of new channels with a cost efficient content delivery infrastructure (no local hard-drive required in the STB). At an affordable price for its customers, this also increases customer loyalty and retention. Post Luxembourg is also regarded as the dominant player in the quad-play space, and as such, has invested in large networks links in order to enable growth as a B2B enabler for other Telcos around the world. Post believe that this will help them to keep their 70% market share of broadband in Luxembourg whilst maintaining high ARPU.

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Creation by Joseph Haddad
IPO : NYSE Euronext



Official IPTV leader
International expansion



Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider
Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.



Merger with videofutur
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Creation by Joseph Haddad


IPO : NYSE Euronext


Becoming IPTV leader


International expansion


Netgem’s rank as n°1 European IPTV set-top boxes provider


Netgem launches its nCloud software solution to connect all screens within the home.


Merger with videofutur


Opening the London office

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