The kids are alright: Provisioning TV for the social media generation


watching live TV on tablet

watching live TV on tablet

Younger consumers are looking for a more interactive television experience as demonstrated by the increasing use of portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to access social media outlets and engage with friends around TV shows.

This is borne out by research conducted in the UK by Digital Marketing Agency Digital Clarity earlier this year, this showed that 72% of the under 25s surveyed multi-task by using social media apps on smartphones to comment on shows while they are watching them.

The growth of social TV goes hand in hand with the exceptional uptake of portable devices, such as phones and tablets, for consuming and interacting with video content. More than a third of the UK population now owns smartphones and tablets are also becoming must-have gadgets. Operators that fail to embrace mobile devices for the consumption of TV services within the home risk losing a great deal of business. Conversely, operators can offer a more immersive TV experience by bringing companion devices and social TV applications into the managed infrastructure.

Young people are growing up with multi-screen technology and social media and youth audiences are set to become some of the most lucrative demographics for operators.  The demand for advanced social viewing experiences is set to increase exponentially as these users reach maturity. In order to remain competitive, operators must be able to offer the types of interactive and multi-screen services within their own bundles, or they will risk losing tech savvy younger customers to CE companies or piracy.

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