Totalplay (Mexico): TV Service Margins Boosted By Reducing Customer Service Costs




The Totalpay TV service was acquiring many customers. The customer base had grown 25% year-on-year but the support model needed to scale up to align with the growth in customers, volume and traffic. For every service provider, any customer issue impacts profitability. At worst, an engineer site visit to the home will severely dent lifetime customer profitability. Totalplay needed to reduce the cost drivers from both the number of incidents and the time to resolve.

SOLUTION: Netgem deployed additional support tools and reviewed the support processes. A remote diagnostic tool and a management information tool were deployed. This allowed customer service agents to detect and resolve users’ technical issues from the call center without the need for a costly engineer visit to the customer’s home. By communicating in real-time with customers remotely, Totalplay has also reduced average handling time, first call resolution and reduced the overall customer Cost-to-Serve. They also now have visibility of users’ locations through the sophisticated Management Information Tool that allows them to optimise the load on the Fibre network with real-time allocation of bandwidth in high demand areas.

BENEFITS: The Totalplay TV service has been a great success. Improving the support model reduced the cost to service customers and has increased the margins of the business. The full deployment was quick to market and very cost efficient. In addition, reducing customer issues or resolving issues more effectively, improves the overall customer experience with flow through to satisfaction and retention.

NETGEM: Netgem provides Fixed and Mobile Telecom operators with #TelcoTV.  #TelcoTV is a superior TV service offering intuitive navigation, simple access to the content and multiscreen viewing, in and out of the home. Netgem has 20+ deployments across the world and over five million active viewers. Netgem is the best solution provider to partner with innovative Telcos and help them win in their market.

QUOTE: “Totalplay have a comprehensive TV service accommodating customers with complex behaviours yet low budgets.  We are pleased to provide the most advanced management and support tools to provide significant savings in terms of support costs for the operator’s fast growing customer base,” said Joseph Haddad, CEO of Netgem.


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