Post (LUX): Post Moves To A Full Cloud-TV Service With More Channels To Create New Revenue




CHALLENGE: Post Luxembourg needed to launch a wide range of TV channels in a cost effective way with market leading TV features expected by consumers across multiple devices. The solution needed to support both, a direct to consumer TV service and enable Post to sell the platform to other Telcos.

SOLUTION: Netgem and Post have built a Cloud TV platform that delivers a Telco grade TV service for Post subscribers. The TV service leverages the large network investments made by Post by utilising a cloud based model and the high speed Fibre networks installed in Luxembourg. The Post Service is a cloud based offering which enables more content and a suite of innovative network based capabilities like PVR time-shifting functionality and Catch-up services. The TV service works across multiple screens including smartphone and tablet. The cloud deployment will also allow Netgem to quickly and efficiently add more TV features and more TV content. The solution also provides a hosted platform for B2B customers. Post is able to offer both, French and German channels to other Telcos in the marketplace.

BENEFITS: The incumbent operator Post benefited from a rapid deployment of new channels with a cost-efficient content delivery infrastructure with content stored in the cloud and no local hard-drive required in the Set Top Box. The cloud based model reduces the set top box cost which allows a really compelling offer in the market. This solution approach impacts customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. Post has invested in large network capacity and links in order to enable growth as a B2B platform for other Telcos around the world. This helps Post maintain their dominant position and marketshare of broadband in Luxembourg.

NETGEM: Netgem provides Fixed and Mobile Telecom operators with #TelcoTV. #TelcoTV is a superior TV service offering intuitive navigation, simple access to the content and multiscreen viewing, in and out of the home. Netgem has 20+ deployments across the world and over five million active viewers. Netgem is the best solution provider to partner with innovative Telcos and help them win in their market.


QUOTE: “We have worked with Netgem for many years recognising the quality of their TV solutions,” stated Bob Lamboray, Head of IPTV Operations and Development at Post Technologies. “Netgem is always able to integrate with the next-generation technologies whilst maintaining an intuitive User Experience. This new Cloud TV platform allows us to rapidly and easily bring new content to our subscribers, and also presents an opportunity to offer the wealth of channels to other Telcos in Europe thanks to our cost efficient content delivery infrastructure.”




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