Ooredoo Oman taps Netgem for multiscreen TV

Middle East service provider Ooredoo Oman has tapped TV technology outfit Netgem to provide a new multiscreen TV service.

The deal is Netgem’s first in the Middle East. The company has made its platform available in Arabic with support from local content providers and technical partners.

The Netgem-powered multiscreen TV-as-a-service will enable Ooredoo Oman to offer its customers a range of programming, including English and Arabic channels, and VOD services. A connected user interface will give Ooredoo’s customers the ability to enjoy access to the content across multiple devices.

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Ooredoo Oman launches Multiscreen TV with Netgem

A reference deployment for Netgem TV-as-a-service solution for the growing Middle-
Eastern market
LONDON, UK – 28th March 2017 – Netgem, the leading entertainment solution provider for
telecom operators, has been selected by international telecoms operator Ooredoo to deploy
its award-winning multi-screen TV-as-a-service solution in Oman. This agreement is the first
deployment of Netgem in the Middle East, and positions the company as vendor of choice in
the region, with its solution now available in Arabic and supported by local content providers
and deployment partners. Oman is one of the four new markets that Netgem announced its
entry to on 12th January, 2017.

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Ooredoo Oman lance avec Netgem son offre de TV multiscreen

Un déploiement de référence pour la solution TV-as-a-service de Netgem sur le
marché en plein essor du Moyen Orient
Paris – 27 mars 2017 – Netgem, leader des solutions de divertissement pour les
opérateurs télécom, annonce avoir été sélectionné par l’opérateur international Ooredoo afin
de déployer sa solution reconnue de TV-as-a-service multiscreen à Oman.
Ce contrat est le premier déploiement de Netgem au Moyen-Orient et positionne le Groupe
comme un fournisseur de référence dans la région, disposant d’une solution en langue
arabe soutenue par des partenaires et des fournisseurs de contenus locaux. Oman est l’un
des quatre nouveaux marchés confirmés par Netgem le 12 janvier 2017.

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Combining the STB, TV soundbar and Alexa means telcos can stand out from the crowd

Netgem has unveiled plans to combine the set-top box and television soundbar to create a new product category for service providers, with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant providing some of the human-machine interaction. The company believes there is an opportunity to help consumers reduce their ‘digital clutter’ while at the same time converging traditional TV, OTT, subscription music, web radio and other audio services within a single platform and user interface. Netgem’s CEO Joseph Haddad believes this proposition will improve customer loyalty and can also raise ARPU.

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