Netgem annonce le déploiement de sa solution CloudTV sur le marché allemand avec

Londres, Royaume-Uni, et Cologne, Allemagne – 30 Mai 2017 Netgem, leader des solutions de divertissement pour les opérateurs télécom, annonce le 1er déploiement de sa solution #TelcoTV customisée pour le marché allemand avec, fournisseur de plateforme IP en marque blanche.

Le service purTV permet à d’offrir à ses clients fournisseurs de services des solutions innovantes pour leur proposition TV en marque blanche.

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First deployment of Netgem CloudTV in Germany with

London, UK, and Cologne, Germany – 30th May 2017 – Netgem , the leading entertainment solution provider for telecom operators, has today announced the launch of its CloudTV product tailored for the German cable and IPTV market with , a wholesale IP services provider.
The purTV service will be distributed by to its cable and Internet service provider client base to enable them to upgrade their TV propositions.

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Ooredoo Oman launches Multiscreen TV with Netgem

A reference deployment for Netgem TV-as-a-service solution for the growing Middle-
Eastern market
LONDON, UK – 28th March 2017 – Netgem, the leading entertainment solution provider for
telecom operators, has been selected by international telecoms operator Ooredoo to deploy
its award-winning multi-screen TV-as-a-service solution in Oman. This agreement is the first
deployment of Netgem in the Middle East, and positions the company as vendor of choice in
the region, with its solution now available in Arabic and supported by local content providers
and deployment partners. Oman is one of the four new markets that Netgem announced its
entry to on 12th January, 2017.

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Ooredoo Oman lance avec Netgem son offre de TV multiscreen

Un déploiement de référence pour la solution TV-as-a-service de Netgem sur le
marché en plein essor du Moyen Orient
Paris – 27 mars 2017 – Netgem, leader des solutions de divertissement pour les
opérateurs télécom, annonce avoir été sélectionné par l’opérateur international Ooredoo afin
de déployer sa solution reconnue de TV-as-a-service multiscreen à Oman.
Ce contrat est le premier déploiement de Netgem au Moyen-Orient et positionne le Groupe
comme un fournisseur de référence dans la région, disposant d’une solution en langue
arabe soutenue par des partenaires et des fournisseurs de contenus locaux. Oman est l’un
des quatre nouveaux marchés confirmés par Netgem le 12 janvier 2017.

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+6% gross profit growth in 2016 Voice Control with Amazon and SoundBox at Mobile World Congress

 Consolidated gross profit, activity and outlook

For the year ended December 31, 2016, Netgem announces a consolidated gross profit  (unaudited) of € 27.4 million, up 6% compared to 2015, confirming the positive trend of the first half of 2016 as announced previously. On a full year basis, Netgem expects a significant growth of its net results compared to 2015.

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Netgem expands its multiscreen TV innovation and content discovery with the launch of ‘Watch with Twitter’

London, UK – 30 November 2016 – Netgem, the award-winning end-to-end video entertainment provider and global leader in #TelcoTV, has announced the launch of Watch on Twitter. The new functionality, which is now available to operators across Netgem’s global footprint, has been incorporated into the #TelcoTV cloud platform and is designed to enrich TV viewers’ experience.

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Third Quarter 2016 Revenue

For the quarter ending September 30th, 2016, Netgem announces a consolidated revenue of € 19.7 million, bringing the consolidated revenue for the first 9 months of 2016 to € 58.8 million, a 3% decrease compared to the same period in 2015.

As communicated previously, Netgem expects a positive growth of its gross profit and results on a full year basis, reflecting the growing positive impact of the SaaS business model (“Software as a Service”) and the streamlining of its B2C business.

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[PR] Netgem launches Music Avenue to enable connected entertainment in the home

LONDON, UK – 7th September 2016 – Netgem, the award-winning end-to-end video entertainment provider and global leader in #TelcoTV solutions, has today unveiled the Music Avenue, a multi-room music aggregation and playout service for music lovers. Forming part of Netgem’s strategy to move from connected TV services into connected entertainment, the Music Avenue is an integral component of Netgem’s range of content services, representing the first step towards Netgem’s Connected Home ambition. In addition to new content centric UI developments across the platform, the cloud-based service incorporates multi-source discovery and personalisation capabilities to seamlessly deliver audio content around the home and on-the-go.

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