Combining the STB, TV soundbar and Alexa means telcos can stand out from the crowd

Netgem has unveiled plans to combine the set-top box and television soundbar to create a new product category for service providers, with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant providing some of the human-machine interaction. The company believes there is an opportunity to help consumers reduce their ‘digital clutter’ while at the same time converging traditional TV, OTT, subscription music, web radio and other audio services within a single platform and user interface. Netgem’s CEO Joseph Haddad believes this proposition will improve customer loyalty and can also raise ARPU.

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Netgem Soundbox to move operators to connected audio

Netgem has launched a new audio device for the connected home. It hopes the SoundBox will do for the operator what the set-top box has done for video.

Soundbox combines the functionality of a quality of a connected speaker with that of a TV box. It wants to remove the need to have two different sound and video systems around the house. The device also integrates a voice assistant and is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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Netgem SoundBox is a Speaker with Built-in Set-Top Box Features

Netgem, a company specializing in Connected TV & Home, has sent a press release about profit growth, and two new “innovations int its smart home roadmap” with voice control with Amazon, and SoundBox, a connected speaker which embeds set-top box technology.

Netgem does not sell directly to consumers, but instead sell its products and solutions to service providers, and they have not provided a great deal of technical details. But we still know the company has improved Netgem Home Platform, a cloud service allowing the deployment and management of multi-screen features, content discoverability, with support for multi-room, multi-source music service through technology from Voxtok.

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MWC 2017: Netgem launches SoundBox to simplify connected home digital clutter

Telco TV and entertainment solution provider Netgem has launched a new connected device category enabling mobile and TV providers to add value to their bundles.

netgem 25 Feb 2017The new SoundBox combines the functionalities of a connected speaker with the capabilities of a TV box to create what Netgem calls a unique platform for a new generation of connected entertainment services that takes away the hassle of having different sound and video systems in the house.

Netgem shows smart home at MWC17; Invests in Voxtok

Voice Con​trol with Amazon and ​SoundBox at Mobile World Congress

At Mobile World Congress starting in Barcelona on the 27th of February, Netgem will present two new innovations in its smart home roadmap:

  1. Voice Control with Amazon: Netgem has been actively working with Amazon to integrate the Alexa® service in its platform, as a new way of enhancing the user experience by allowing consumers to simply control their entertainment with Amazon Echo® devices or directly with their Smartphones;

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