The #TelcoTV Platform

TV Multiscreen Platform

This platform is centred on all the capabilities and functions necessary to deliver an intuitive user experience to end users across all screens from TV to Tablet to Phone.

Unified Content Platform

This platform is centred on both the content and the capabilities to manage delivering the content to end users, including enhanced Metadata (e.g. programme images, cast and crew, etc.)

Operations and Insight Platform

This platform is centred on the core capabilities to run the TV service and then monitor and generate insight on usage and activity.

Essentials TV Multiscreen Platform

TV Multiscreen platform’ has three modules which group features central to an end user: Enjoy, Find and Share. Enjoy covers all of the key functionality relevant to consume TV content. Find covers all the functionality relevant for discovery of TV content. Share groups all function around how end users interact with their family, friends and networks in an increasingly social and networked world. All leading to a more enjoyable TV experience.

Unified Content Platform

We group the content functionality into three modules: Extend, Enrich and Expose. Extend aims to extend the type of content supported via capabilities such as supporting new formats and integrating social and user-based content. Enrich improves the context of the content by improving and extending the metadata and how it is presented to end users. Expose is a set of capabilities ensuring the widest set of content, including OTT content, is easily accessible by the end user.

Operations and Insight Platform

A great TV service needs to be well run. In this area, the user persona switches to the Telco itself and the need the Telco has around running a service. The platform is broken up into three modules: Monitor, Analyse, and Optimise: Monitor: monitoring of the end-to-end TV service; Analyse: analysis and insight from the service; and Optimise: manage operations of the TV service.


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