Our Fixed and Mobile TV Solutions

At one end of the spectrum, are “Multi-Screen Hybrid TV” services centred on the home and set top box (STB) with consumption across all devices mixing broadcast and Over-the-Top (OTT) content.

Some #TelcoTV customers have deployed a full “Cloud Based IPTV Multi-screen solution” the Netgem TV Platform. At the other end, is our “Mobile TV” service, which is the predominant choice of mobile led operators.

The Netgem advantage

Access to a Market Leading and Innovative TV Service

Netgem gets customers to market quickly with an innovative and industry leading TV service. While the market is changing rapidly, Netgem have a vision and solid roadmap to ensure our TV Services stays leading.

Low CAPEX/Low Risk.

Our commercial model is a per subscriber fee. This ‘per subscriber model’ reduces the upfront hurdle many Telcos face to launch a service. Netgem and our Customers share the risk and reward. We become a true partners.

Telco Grade

Netgem runs and manages the TV service from the Cloud. The Cloud deployment enables the commercial model as well as a quick time-to-market. In addition, our platforms and specific functionality are optimised to run from the Cloud with a high level of reliability and scalability.


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