Comprehensive Suite of Products

Integrating all Components to Deliver Next-Generation Connected Entertainment

Netgem's Connected Home Solutions for Multi-Service Operators

Netgem products integrate a wide range of technologies from digital payTV, internet, home networking and computing domains and provide advanced TV solutions responding to the needs of end-users for a simple, fast and immersive TV experience.

Netgem provides technologies and solutions for operators launching innovative connected entertainment services:

  • Our worldclass hardware products provide an optimized, robust and fast time-to-market solution thanks to a tight integration between all its components: hardware, low-level middleware and application software.
  • Based around our nCloud concept, our award-winning software platform allows consumers to seamlessly access their favourite shows, personal data, and on-demand content on all their screens in a fluid and consistent manner.
  • Leveraging Netgem’s open application framework through its SDK, our partners complement our products with their applications, subsystem components and technologies allowing faster time to market and lower integration costs.

Additionally, Netgem provides the resources, expertise and tools to evaluate, design, develop, test and deploy innovative solutions. Our Support Services team ensures continuity of services, comprehensive logistics and technology edge through regular upgrades.

Netgem System Architecture