Here you will find Netgem’s Linux Kernel and GPL software tools and utilities:


Operators and Developers

Netgem products are designed to allow operators to manage a large set-top box installed base. Netgem software provides the necessary technology, including silent client software upgrades, to control the delivery of new software features to their subscribers. This management process is entirely secure.
Netgem provides multiple levels of technical support with the aim of offering the highest level of service possible. Contact us

Netgem has put in place a Developers Program and a Software Development KIt designed for application developers, Internet service providers and operator partners.

This application framework is designed for the development of live and on-demand TV and multimedia applications. Using the open and fully documented APIs telecom operators and their partners can develop their local ecosystem of applications and services to differentiate their offering from competitors. Since Netgem is a pure technology vendor it does not interfere with the economics of the relationship between operators and developers, who are able to share 100% of the revenue.

Netgem has also established business relationships with international after-sales partners that can provide set-top box factory repair, testing and refurbishing services to operators.

Under the terms of the “GNU General Public License” (GPL) version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation, you will find here the modified Netgem Linux Kernel as well as GPL software tools and utilities used.
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Linux Community

V6.0.05 (release date: May, 2015)






V5.2.69 (release date: July, 2011 T-BOX)


V5.2.16-4 (release date: OCTOBER, 2010 T-BOX)


v4.7.42-1 (release date: June, 2009)


v5.1.08 (release date: January, 2009)


v4.7.34 (release date: January, 2008)


v4.7.28 (release date: July, 2007)


v4.7.24 (release date: Jan 4, 2007)


v4.4.2 (release date : Feb 23, 2004)


v4.4.1 (release date : Jan 9, 2004)


v4.4 (release date : Dec 18, 2003)


v4.3.1 (release date : Sep 28, 2003)


v4.2.3 (release date : May 27, 2003)


v4.0.4 (release date : Nov 13, 2002)