Diamond Embedded SDK

Diamond Embedded SDK

Netgem Diamond Embedded SDK is a stable, compact, proven and cost effective implementation of the market standard API for video services (HTML5, HbbTV, standard Codecs and DRMs…), and as such supports natively a growing range of content applications designed for TVs by the largest content producers.

Netgem Diamond Embedded SDK relies on standard to guarantee their customer the wider access to technology and content, ensuring the underlying foundations of the products are a reliable and extensible base for future innovation and extensions.

With Netgem Diamond Embedded SDK, user and system applications can be developed using the very compact embedded JavaScript or using the Youtube certified Chromium browser (with HbbTV 2.0.1 extensions) for more powerful environments.

Typical application are e.g. equipment of Linux based IP and hybrid set-top boxes, smart soundbars such as Netgem SoundBox, smart TV sets or other multimedia equipments, looking for an open SDK, compatible with broadcast television standards (HbbTV) and OTT content while not being dependant on licensing restrictions or memory and processing power requirements.


Diamond Multiscreen Clients

Diamond Multiscreen Software Clients applications can be easily customised and localised to Service Providers requirements for turnkey solutions, or a different UI can be totally developed using the Diamond Embedded SDK and Diamond Cloud Platform APIs.

One of the main objectives of Diamond Multiscreen Software Clients applications is to enhance the discovery of content based on Diamond Cloud Platform capabilities to expose multiple sources of content and immersive metadata to fit users expectations to EXPLORE, FIND and ENJOY their prefered and personalised content.

Diamond Cloud Platform

Netgem Diamond Cloud Platform offers Service Providers all capabilities to organise the entertainment journey of their subscribers through recommended and editorialised video and audio programmes, and to create a more engaging discovery experience with content-to-content transitions across providers, offering from the customer point of view, the easiest and richest TV experience in the market.

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