Device Partners

Netgem is offering two models for providing STB and other Connected entertainment devices:


–    Netgem designed / Netgem sourced: in partnership with its Industrial partner Pegatron, Netgem designs and delivers STBs and SoundBoxes to Service providers as part of the Netgem Operators solutions

–    Netgem Software approved / Sourced by partners: in partnership with the existing STB provider of the Telecom service provider, Netgem provides the Diamond Software Suite. Examples of this model have been deployed in LATAM with ZTE STBs, and in Europe with Tangent and Ellipson SoundBoxes. Watch this space as Netgem is actively working with a number of partners that will be announced shortly…

As a STB manufacturer, if you are interested in a powerful and open Embedded SDK with a flexible Cloud-based platform, please contact us!