Diamond Cloud Platform

Netgem Diamond Cloud Platform offers Service Providers all capabilities to organise the entertainment journey of their subscribers through recommended and editorialised video and audio programmes, and to create a more engaging discovery experience with content-to-content transitions across providers, offering from the customer point of view, the easiest and richest TV experience in the market.

Aggregating content and monetising entertainment

Whereas traditional content management systems are complex and expensive systems designed for content rights owners, looking to create stores to monetize their content assets, the Diamond Cloud Platform is a flexible cloud-based product which offers Service Providers the ability to offer their customers or multi-operator customers with a ‘shopping mall’ approach for digital entertainment and connected home services – by enabling both their own content as well as an increasing number of third-party partners. Thanks to powerful and simple editorialisation tools, Service Providers are able to rapidly deploy new content strategy in the user experience through personalised content presentation or business placeholders such as in-video ads, multiscreen banners, notifications, barkers or interstitials.

Delivering and managing the best User experience

Our cross-source content discoverability brings service providers to the next level of flexibility and personalisation of the user experience thanks to the full control over content presentation and recommendation that can be alternated between editorialised and responding to “rules”:

Editorialised with content prepared for multi-source thematic “Avenues” (e.g. Sport Avenue, Christmas Avenue, Valentine Day Avenue…) with playlists of content either manually or automatically generated. For example, in the case of a Christmas Avenue, this can be a selection of Santa Claus’ movies coming from several content partners, plus a section of cartoons mixing a selection of live, replay and OTT content for kids, plus recommandations for New Year Eve’s programmes…

Rule-generated with a wide range of recommended playlists such as e.g.Recently Watched, Movies Tonights, Because You’ve Watched, Top Replay, Trending…

Enabling operational excellence

Netgem Diamond Cloud Platform is the guarantee of a high Quality of Service at anytime to Telecom and Service providers and their end-users, thanks to Netgem’s solid and successful track record of setup, deployment and management of complex multiscreen TV services from the content preparation to multiscreen delivery, including several tools to track the service, processes to analyse technical and consumers usage data to optimise business activities and content consumption.

Netgem runs and manages the Diamond Platform and associated services from the cloud with a range of robust operational tools. This architecture provides a high level of service reliability, availability, scalability and security, allowing to rapidly launch services in multi-operators and worldwide environments, and to focus on marketing, distribution and business growth of connected entertainement services without the constraint of operating and maintaining a technical system.

  • Content management

    • Multi-sources metadata ingestion
    • Metadata ingest integrity controls
    • Cross-content rules management (deeplink, interstitials, barker…)
    • Multiscreen editorialisation tools
  • Entertainment intelligence

    • Multiscreen activity and audience trackers
    • Native support for Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI
    • Modules for Quality-or-Experience (QoE)
    • Ad-management capabilities
    • Extended reporting features
  • Cost-effective operations

    • Simple interfaces for BSS integration
    • Web based Device and User Management
    • Real-time supervision for all platform components
    • CDN usage optimization for best in class response time
  • UX management

    • Personalised UX and rich UI management accross all screens
    • Multi-OS support with strong authentication and upgrade management
    • Multisources ‘Virtual STB’ features: EPG, nPVR, Catch-up, Universal Search, Recommendations…
    • Multiscreen continuity management
  • Cloud-based foundations

    • Secured, open and highly flexible
    • Scalable and multi-tenant
    • Supporting fast innovation cycles
  • Extended platform APIs

    • Full documented APIs for app client development
    • Access to all entertainment and connected home features
    • Part of Netgem Diamond Partnership programme