Diamond Multiscreen Clients

Netgem Diamond Multiscreen Software Clients are a set of native Digital Entertainment multiscreen applications for content discovery and playback, available on HTML based Android and IoS devices.

Diamond Multiscreen Software Clients applications can be easily customised and localised to Service Providers requirements for turnkey solutions, or a different UI can be totally developed using the Diamond Embedded SDK and Diamond Cloud Platform APIs.

One of the main objectives of Diamond Multiscreen Software Clients applications is to enhance the discovery of content based on Diamond Cloud Platform capabilities to expose multiple sources of content and immersive metadata to fit users expectations to EXPLORE, FIND and ENJOY their prefered and personalised content.

  • Immersive discovery experience

    • Intuitive and dynamic Avenues style presentation for personalised access to multisource content
    • Innovative content-to-content navigation by genre with recommendations
    • Dedicated Music Avenue offering an exclusive multiservice access to Music sources
    • Fully editorialised App Store Support of dynamic deeplink access to in-app content
  • Cross-device smart features

    • Voice-control capabilities with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa
    • Content Flick & Fetch for continuous multiscreen playback between devices
    • Seamless integration between multisource TV and connected home controls (webcams, dynamic widgets…)
    • Companion modes for mobile apps with rich side-metadata
    • Cross-device user notifications (app & OS level)
  • Ready for fast deployment

    • Multiscreen branding and localisation framework for HbbTV, JavaScript, HTML5 and iOS/Android
    • Native support for HiRes UI (1080) with smooth transitions and 3D effects
    • Timeline & series style presentation (programme card, TV guide, channel list …)
    • Enriched metatdata placement, e.g. Cast & Crew, Twitter Trendy