TV Estate Upgrade

Benefit from the most advanced set of TV features and award-winning experience on your existing STBs with

Netgem Virtual STB software.

See our Case Study for TOTALPLAY

Your challenge

Many operators have an installed base of STB, linked to traditional IPTV or DVB-C solutions. This does not open possibilities for coherent multiscreen offers, or to benefit from OTT capacities of network.

Our solution

Netgem proposes an Open API software product, providing capacities for managing and playing live, catchup, timeshift, nPVR, VOD.

The operator can decide to write their own UI, or they they can use both instantly benefit from a full cloud based offer available on his legacy installed base, but also on multiscreen.


Perfect for...

Boosting on customer loyalty, increasing ARPU with multiscreen and nPVR features.

  • Embedded SDK

    SDK with full access to DVB and core STB features

    Certified environment with NetflixAmazonYoutube

    HTML5 browser with video and security extensions

  • Cloud

    Device Management Service (DMS)

    Optional Access to all Cloud features (EPG service, Metadata ingester, Search…)

    Access to Monitoring/Analytics tools available

  • Services

    System integrators with expertise on Netgem SDKs