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677 K Subscribers by
the end of december 2023

35,6 M€ Sales 2023

7,8 M€ EBITDA 2023

Investing in Netgem means being in line with the needs of an era, fulfilling aspirations to be entertained without harming the planet.

Be a part of a company that leverages technology and innovation for the joy of living.


73/100 ESG Gold Gaïa Rating
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35.6 m€

Revenues 2023

7.8 m€

EBITDA 2023 (+14%)

22.3 m€

Recurring Revenues 2023

+6.6 m€

Net Cash end of 2023

Shareholder structure



42.3% Free floating shares

33.8% Several thousand individual shareholders serving the share's liquidity

8.5% Growing share of funds specialised in small and mid caps

57.7% Solid foundation

25.8% Joseph Haddad & family

8.3% Mousse Partners

7.2% Caisse des Dépôts

4.8% Manco

4.1% Fast Forward Group

4.0% Treasury shares

3.5% Managers, employees and FCPE 

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Financial calendar

31Jul 2024

H1 2024 Results before market

18Oct 2024

Business Update T3 2024 before market

CSR Policy

By taking concrete action against climate change on a daily basis, Netgem demonstrates its willingness to be a responsible player in the global change we are experiencing today

Sustainable Streaming

Responsible streaming allows us to reduce the playback rate of a video in applications at the initiative of subscribers. This functionality, in addition to a real green touch, is also an opportunity to support our mobile users in particular, in controlling their bandwidth consumption. This feature is currently being rolled out to all our customers' applications.

Cloud video production

We have implemented intelligent video generation in Microsoft Azure that allows us to make our productions more accountable.The idea is to adapt the encoding power to the complexity of the image.  This enables the encoding process to be limited when the image is simple or not very animated, but also the volume of video storage and streaming capacity required for its distribution. The carbon footprint is therefore better.

Energy consumption

We recycle, in France, all or part of our boxes. The automatic standby modes of the boxes have been improved and the possibilities of use in low consumption are clearly indicated to be intuitively used.

Accessibility options

We develop accessibility options for our clients within the programs: audio description for the visually impaired and subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Actions for the environment

We have put in place a range of actions that concern both the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport, the use of renewable energies and the selective sorting of waste on the company's premises.

Social commitments

We implement numerous actions to promote well-being at work and diversity within the company, both in terms of recruitment to encourage the employment of women and in terms of training with awareness-raising actions in favor of diversity and against all forms of discrimination and harassment.