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Cloud Gaming

Beat your competition at the customer acquisition game!

Let us add Cloud Gaming to your 5G or Fibre Broadband propositions, with ‘AAA’ games embedded in your existing TV service, creating a more compelling reason to switch to your Bundles.

cloud gaming home

All the fun, without a console!

Play instantly, anywhere, anytime! No console, no game purchases, no downloads, just seamless gaming on any screen, with compatibility for many gamepads. Enjoy unlimited access to 300+ quality games, including full HD/4K console titles, with new releases added monthly. Save money with our cancel-anytime policy and access console games without buying each title separately. Play safely with friends and family thanks to our robust security features, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

High quality Gaming experience

Providing a best-in-class user experience with high-performance graphics, unlimited access to quality and localised content. The service is secure and family-friendly, promoting safe and responsible usage with robust parental controls. With a personalised gaming experience that encourages play, discovery, and sharing, making gaming fun and engaging for all users.


cloud gaming home
cloud gaming home

High user engagement

Enhancing your user engagement and loyalty by providing an immersive gaming experience. Incorporating gaming into the everyday touchpoint of streaming, you can attract both existing and new customers with enticing bundles that combine streaming and gaming services. Add value and showcase the capabilities of new generations of fixed and mobile networks, giving your customers a compelling reason to switch to or stay with your service.

Revenue share opportunities

Users can access your selection of games without a console, it maximises engagement through recommendations, linking TV shows and movies to games. You benefit from revenue share opportunities, supported by strong content marketing and detailed reporting. The platform ensures smooth gameplay and a rich, movie-linked gaming experience.

cloud gaming home
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