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25 years experience in digital entertainment

Photo Mathias hautefort & Joseph Haddad


Joseph Haddad and Mathis Hautefort keep a close eyes on the three core objectives at the heart of Netgem’s success: Simplification, profitability and innovation.


Joseph Haddad

President and Founder

Netgem creates  innovative, built-in streaming entertainment solutions.    

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Netgem has earned the trust and recognition of major telecom operators and international publishers for its reliable and secure delivery of digital content.

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Netgem's "Streaming TV" service is based on the platform, which enables telecom operators to enrich their service offering with an innovative and powerful solution.

The platform benefits from the expertise of Netgem's teams who design and develop new enriched and interactive experiences for a family audience.



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609 K Subscribers by
the end of april 2023

36,3 M€ Revenue 2022
(+28% vs 2021)

6,8 M€ Gross profit 2022
(+58% vs 2021)

68/100 Gaia Rating