fast lane

Fast Lane

Turn ‘Content cost’ into ‘Content revenue’ with an additional revenue stream!

Our FAST aggregation service offers you a ‘one-stop shop’ approach taking away the complexity of launching and managing your selection from 1000s of FAST Channels, as well as guaranteeing Telco-grade quality experience.

fast lane

Simple way to FAST Channels

Access to over 5,000 channels from 100+ providers, tailored to local markets, without the need for sourcing or managing the service. This allows Telcos to quickly launch FAST offerings, complement existing TV services, replace some pay TV channels, and create Freemium to Premium models, all while generating advertising revenue.

Channels for every interest

Offering users the familiarity of traditional broadcast in the streaming world, presenting curated content without the need for active selection. With channels for every interest, users can access content for free. Embrace value, choice and simplicity – all on one platform.

fast lane
fast lane

Make money with FAST Channels

You can strengthen your content offerings while retaining control and preventing cannibalisation of existing channels. With no required investment in content or technology, enjoy ads revenue share opportunities and reduce costs by transitioning traditional pay-TV channels to FAST. Enrich your services without financial commitments!

Guaranteed premium experience

Seamlessly integrate with FAST Lane for a premium experience. Elevate content discovery with tailored tools, simplify setup, and reduce costs through our streamlined aggregation service. Gain insights into audience metrics and revenue optimisation with access to 5000+ channels.

fast lane

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