Our expertise

An "end-to-end" TV streaming platform


Super App

With our streaming SuperApp, you can simply extend your 5G data packages with tailored streaming and gaming services: your customers can now watch or play out and about or anywhere in the home, without the need for a TV box ('boxless'). More about Super App here



Cloud Gaming

Let us add Cloud Gaming to your 5G or Fibre Broadband propositions, with ‘AAA’ games embedded in your existing TV service, creating a more compelling reason to switch to your bundles. Discover our offer here



Our FAST aggregation service offers you a ‘one-stop shop’ approach taking away the complexity of launching and managing your selection from 1000s of FAST Channels, as well as guaranteeing Telco-grade quality experience. More info about FAST Lane




With its two Business Units, Eclair Preservation and Eclair Valorisation, Media Services offers all solutions for the preservation, digital storage, preparation and standardisation of publishers' programmes with a view to their exploitation via telecom operators or self-distribution. Discover Media Services



Remove complexity, gain in agility, and boost customer engagement with Netgem TV-as-a-Service, designed for Telcos! More info here



An in-house complete platform

Netgem offers an end-to-end solution to all players in «  Entertainment technology » business, from rights holders to exhibitors/distributors such as telcos. With its two-sided platform, Netgem promotes audiovisual creation through monetisation and reduces the cost of exchanges in the technology chain thanks to its proprietary software platform, managed in the cloud in "multi-tenant » mode.

With,   telecom operators and content publishers have access to a complete, built-in and cutting-edge streaming platform.

Our Partners

Cinema and TV content players

Eclair Preservation and Eclair Digital Services have been partners of cinema for decades. Its team of experts supports over 500 customers across the entire film industry value chain: physical and digital preservation, cloud archiving, MAM, quality control, encoding, digital distribution, as well as platform and application development, and the distribution of B2B2C services with telecom operators.

Preservation and Valorisation, excellence servicing content

More than 500 French and international customers entrust their programs to us.

More than 500 French and international customers entrust their programs to us.
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Telecom Operators

With its platform, Netgem has been assisting telecom operators for 25 years by giving them the best tools for managing their streaming TV programming. Netgem provides each operator with a solution customised to meet their requirements and the expectations of their end users, thanks to the platform's modular design. 

More than 30 operator partners trust us

International and French telecom operators and platforms

International and French telecom operators and platforms
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Content and Cloud Gaming

Netgem relies on its world-renowned partners to offer a seamless content experience: television, video on demand and cloud gaming. allows the monetization of content from its publishing partners on telecom operators' broadband networks to accelerate the creation of value in this increasingly convergent world.

The best content for a unified entertainment experience

TV channels, movie studios and video game publishers

TV channels, movie studios and video game publishers
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