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Eclair, the reference

Eclair Preservation and Eclair Valorisation support companies in the audiovisual industry at every stage in the life of their audiovisual assets.


Excellence in audiovisual heritage preservation

Physical preservation

80% of French audiovisual heritage stored on our warehouse

Eclair Preservation offers the best solutions for heritage storage and archiving: from pallet storage to private "safe deposit boxes". The Augy (Yonne) site enables films, videos, sound files, posters and printed material to be stored securely and managed directly in the MAM. Eclair Preservation also assists audiovisual professionals with inventory, sorting, "green" destruction and stock removal operations.


Digital Preservation

A green and economical offer

A forerunner in RT-043-standard preservation for films undergoing approval, Éclair Preservation stores digital assets on online servers or on double LTO ("green" and economical offer) or Near On Line. All assets can be viewed directly in the MAM, with the possibility of generating video laboratory work via Éclair Valorisation, the business unit specialized in video work.

Digit' Lab

All digitizations available on a single site

Eclair Preservation preserves all types of audio, video and photochemical heritage media, as well as all the players needed to read them. This enables Eclair Preservation to digitize most existing media. Eclair Preservation handles scans in 4K, 2K, Prores UHD, HD, SD or as a viewing file. All films are scanned on the Augy storage site and can be delivered raw or restored.



Expertise in image processing for cinema

Quality Control Hub

A team of professionals dedicated to Q/C (Quality Control)

Eclair Valorisation's expert Q/C team analyzes, validates and reports on all file types, in French and English. Before your assets are used, Quality Control guarantees their technical conformity and viability throughout the operating cycle. Eclair Valorisation relies on a hybrid Q/C offer: automatic and human.


Digital Solutions Lab'

Expertise for all video, VOD and TV projects

DVD/Blu-ray authoring, the manufacture of VOD/SVOD packages and PADs require knowledge of technical standards, support and appropriate advice. Eclair Valorisation is a team of project managers who manage production from receipt of order to delivery.

Media Solutions

Expertise in VOD and SVOD platforms and applications

The Eclair Valorisation team works with publishers to supply French and international VOD platforms such as iTunes, Prime Video and Amazon Channels. Eclair Valorisation also develops end-to-end solutions to help add value to program catalogs on all market terminals.


NEO, the MAM for customized service

For optimal organization of audio and video files

With Neo, Eclair Preservation and Eclair Valorisation provide their customers with a secure all-in-one solution for storage, consultation, transcoding and delivery to distributors, broadcasters, platforms, communications agencies or festivals.


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