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Streaming SuperApp

Drive customer engagement, and increase loyalty!

With our streaming SuperApp, you can simply extend your 5G data packages with tailored streaming and gaming services: your customers can now watch or play out and about or anywhere in the home, without the need for a TV box ('boxless'). 

superapp gaming


SuperApp offers a boxless streaming and gaming experience, removing the need for an expensive console. It allows users to seamlessly switch between streaming movies and playing games, all through a universal search function that integrates everything in one place and with the ability to cast content to the big screen. The platform combines streaming, cloud gaming, and FAST channels within a single interactive UI. 

Tailored experience

Your customers can enjoy seamless streaming and gaming on the go, with high-quality content. Our personalised recommendations ensure a tailored experience that keeps users engaged and satisfied. With support for multiple user profiles, discovering and enjoying a vast array of content has never been easier.

superapp gaming
superapp gaming

Showcasing network quality

Enhance customer engagement and loyalty with Cloud Gaming featuring AAA titles, a comprehensive library of games and gamepad access, removing the need for costly consoles. Showcase the quality of your network across Fixed Line, FTTH, and 5G Mobile. Utilise bundles as an acquisition tool to retain users and drive streaming adoption.

Parental controls

Users gain access to an extensive selection of over 300 games spanning diverse genres. Tailor their experience through customisable features like recommendations, parental controls and family profiles, ensuring a safe and personalised environment. With hundreds of FAST channels offering curated content, quality takes precedence over quantity, seamlessly integrated across all connected devices.

superapp gaming

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