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Netgem provide innovative solutions that bring smart entertainment to the heart of your connected life. On the main TV screen or on the move, with your mobile device, your remote control, or via voice control you can watch TV live, replay, or SVOD favourite series so you do not miss a thing!

Our Netgem App also allows monitoring of your Wifi network and management of your smart home services to deliver the ‘ultimate streaming experience’.

Providing top content from the most popular streaming services and broadcasters. The whole family will fully enjoy the benefits of new advanced technologies in the home.

With more than 10 million households deployed across 30+ operator partners in the world, Netgem is the partner of choice to grow your Content Streaming or TV service business in a cost effective way, thanks to the ‘Content-as-a-service’ model..


Netgem TV


Netgem TV guarantees a Short Time-to-Market and cost-effective solution for any Operator TV service via a SaaS business model: Netgem TV has been designed for Telecom operators wanting to develop or enhance their TV business without having to constantly invest in all the latest technologies whilst maintaining a high quality service for their Broadband & TV customers. 

What is Netgem TV? The Award winning Netgem TV service comes with powerful Multiscreen features: from the main TV set to mobile devices, or laptops. The Netgem TV platform will offer you a high-quality solution which in turn will drive acquisition and brand loyalty of your existing customers. Marketed as ‘Netgem TV’ (like in the UK) or as a white-label solution (as ‘Elisa Viihde’ in Finland).

What features? Viewers can watch live, replay, any of their favourite SVOD series, or TVOD movies with a simple and unified discovery experience: this is the ‘Super-aggregator’ approach that offers a simple low fee access to a range of content across all genres, leaving the end-user in control of what they want to watch, when, and what they want to pay for - via relevant recommendations and seasonal suggestions. The content can be accessed via a TV box, à Laptop, or any mobile device, by multiple users at the same time.

Which content? Netgem TV Service comes with International SVOD content agreements with leading partners (including Amazon, Netflix, Youtube, TikTok…), along with local channel broadcaster agreements (eg France TV, Bein Sports in France and  Britbox, Freeview Play with BBC, ITV and BT Sport in the UK).

How is Netgem TV offered? A multiscreen service accessible with or without a TV box as an ‘OTT service’: it can also be bundled with Fibre / 5G Broadband access (like Videofutur in France or Post Telecoms Bamboo in Luxembourg).  


Award winning and being recognised by industry experts. Winning ‘The most advanced TV service 2019 and 2021’ as well as the ‘Most innovative interactive TV service in 2020’ in the UK.


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Our complete suite of tools and services enables any Media company to benefit from our expertise to launch and run a multiscreen OTT Streaming service (SVOD/TVOD/AVOD as well as live and Replay if required) with unique benefits:

  • Very fast time-to-market 

  • No large upfront infrastructure investments (Cloud-based)

  • Benefit from the ongoing innovation Roadmap of Netgem (new apps / new features / new tools for Streaming services)

  • SaaS business model: pay-as-you-grow

  • Expertise in the whole end-to-end OTT service chain:  from Content preparation, encoding, platform/CMS, presentation via a large suite of ‘Apps’, all the way to Content delivery (CDN)

  • Leverage the high-quality 24/7 operations in place for our Telecom operators and Media streaming customers

Additionally, Netgem has created the most comprehensive VOD library under the ‘Videofutur’ brand in the French speaking markets, with the largest US and European Studios (Warner, Universal, Disney). All titles across all sources (VOD, SVOD, AVOD, live TV or replay) are integrated on the platform and accessible via a simple ‘genre based’ universal search giving the customers a faster TV experience.

We are delighted to be working with leading partners across Europe and the UK including:

  • VIVA by Videofutur - 15,000+ Movies & Series = Leading VOD service in France. 100% OTT VOD: Laptops, Smartphones, Chromecast

  • Premiere Max by Videofutur - VOD store from the most popular Cinema magazine, leader in France

  • France Channel - The ‘’French Britbox’: the best French SVOD service available in the USA

  • Zeop - The most comprehensive TVOD / SVOD and Multiscreen TV in La Reunion (FR)

  • Net+ - Latest TVOD, EST and SVOD content, together with 300+ live and Replay channels in Switzerland




SuperStream, a future proof and open WiFi mesh solution designed to offer a powerful set of tools to manage the quality of Wifi via a complete Wifi Mesh package built on Open standards (software, Cloud based services, and hardware).

Superstream is a smart strategic choice which works with any gateway and is a proven solution to drive acquisition of new customers. Superstream will significantly improve Customer satisfaction therefore reducing Customer churn.

A white label offering so you keep your customer in your branded environment and not spending your marketing budget to promote à new differentiating service.

The GURU Management platform is a powerful telco-grade tool and offers Telecoms operators the ability to manage in a simple way all Wifi devices in their customers connected homes via a light-touch CRM integration. The platform guarantees your customers will always have the best quality of connectivity. This solution is flexible, and compliant with all EasyMesh.

We are delighted to be working with leading partners across Europe and the UK including:

  • My VideoFutur - Innovative TV service in France: Live, nPVR, Replay, VOD, Apps = all-in-one-place / On Multiple screens

  • UK ISPs adopting SuperStream: ALncom / BEsmart / Internetty / Brawband


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Our deployments

We are delighted to be working with leading partners across Europe and the UK including: 

  • Post Luxembourg - Market leader in Luxembourg: quality IPTV service and first to launch 4K in Western Europe

  • Elisa Viihde (Finland) - Leader of IPTV in Finland, launched the most comprehensive ‘4K Premium’ TV service

  • TalkTalk TV - TalkTalk TV 4K powered by Netgem TV for the Leading value brand in the UK Broadband market

  • Netia - First large OTT TV deployment in Poland

  • Elisa Estonia - modern OTT TV service, with Best TV channels selection, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube.

  • GibTelecom / Sofi Digital Entertainment - The only legal TV service in Gibraltar, leading with innovation on 4K and Multiscreen

  • Communty Fibre TV - Fibre leader in London, powered by Netgem TV in the UK = Your TV, Your choice

  • Pure Telecom - Leading alternative ISP in Ireland, powered by Netgem TV

  • France Channel - The ‘’French Britbox’: the best French SVOD service available in the USA