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Netgem dévelops and operates the NetgemTV Digital Entertainment Platform, enabling both télécommunications providers and Media Streaming services to constantly innovate their TV & Streaming services in an increasingly competitive market, by offering the best experience across all screens, and completed in some cases by the enhanced Wifi for Streaming ‘SuperStream’.

Netgem offers NetgemTV in a “Content-as-a-Service” business model, that does not require any upfront infrastructure investment, and allows to generate sustainable revenue based on the growth of the TV & Streaming service customer base.

With over 25 years of experience in Digital Entertainment, Netgem has proved to be one of the best partners of the telecommunication operators, and thanks to Netgem’s extended relationships with global and local Content providers, Netgem has demonstrated its ability to drive both customer acquisition and loyalty in highly competitive markets with a unique combination of Technology / Content /Service model.


Tv service UKOur mission

Leader in the Digital Entertainment market, Netgem develops, markets and operates the multiscreen content platform Netgem TV.

Netgem "Content-as-a-service" approach enables telecommunications operators and content editors to create or boost  their streaming entertainment offers on all screens, supplemented, if necessary, by the optimised WiFi SuperStream.

Netgem TV is deployed in Europe and the United States, based on the "software-as-a-service" model, requiring no infrastructure investment and offering a "pay-as-you-grow" model to its partners, who can rely on both Netgem's award-winning Product innovation Roadmap and high-quality 24/7 operations.



Our values

Who we are


Our history

1996 : Company founded with the aim of developing ‘TV streaming’

2000 : listed on the stock exchange

2002 : First large-scale hybrid TV box deployment with BT

2005 : Mass launch of an IPTV box for SFR/vivendi in the French market

2009 : Multiple IPTV solution deployments across Europe, LatAm (TotalPlay) and APAC (SLT)

2010 : Australian launch of hybrid TV recorder box

2013 : Acquisition of French Videofutur VOD platform

2014 : EE TV launch, an innovative Multiscreen OTT TV product in the UK

2015 : Starting transition of the company to provide cloud-based TVaaS (TV as a Service) solutions, launch of Netflix on Netgem boxes

2016 : Launch of Videofutur, a full-fibre ISP on French RIPs (public initiative networks), launch of a 4k multiscreen solution with nPVR and Replay in Luxembourg (Post)

2017 : Integration of Alexa voice control technology, launch of the Amazon Prime service

2018 : Launch of an OTT multiscreen service in Estonia (Elisa), launch of Youtube 4K

2019 : Launch of the Netgem TV service in the UK, launch of the nPVR and My Videofutur multiscreen service in France

2020 : Launch of the Elisa Viihde 4K Premium service in Finland, Development of mesh WiFi solutions

2021 : SuperStream solution deployment in France and in the UK

2022 : TalkTalk TV powered by Netgem TV launch in the UK


Do you share the same values, and want to contribute to making history?

If, like us, you want to help consumers enjoy their connected lifes, then come and join us!
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